Vehicle Registration Renewal

DMVNow’s platform offers users various services to create a new account, change an address or license, ID, or title, or register themselves online. On DMVNow’s portal, you can not get access to your vehicle’s official records, but you also renew the registration license and identification and surrender your licenses also. 

Know More About The Registration Process of DMVNow

  • You will not have to track your delivery which is one of the best features of DMVNow. 
  • The renewal fees are used for the maintenance and construction of roads and highways, a vital resource for the state. So you don’t have to worry. 
  • You will get a renewal notice some weeks before the registration expires.
  • Commonly, the renewal notices are mailed directly. 
  • In case you might have shifted so, do keep in mind to get your address updated with the VA DMV. 
  • If you have yet to get your renewal notice, you should also renew your plates before their expiry term.
  • You can also get your registration renewed in person by either visiting the DMVNow Select program. 
  • Or you can also go to your local DMV Customer Service Center. 
  • Also, you will be charged an additional $5 on every transaction while you are at the DMV Customer Service Center, which means you will have to pay $5 as a fee for your registration renewal every time. 

Benefits of Using DMVNow

1- Make appointments without any money

The appointments you take on DMVNow don’t require any external cost from you. So, you can do it free of cost and directly through the official website.

2-Register Online

With DMVNow, you can quickly complete the registration process online and complete the renewal virtually without much effort.

3-Get electronic notifications for renewal

On DMVNow’s official website, you can get the notices electronically. Register digitally or visit your local DMVNow Customer Services Center to get your electronic notices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything that needs to be done before the registration renewal?

Yes, try to finish an emission test before you go for renewal for registration. So, visit the official website now and get started.

Do we need to change the address every time on DMVNow?

Yes, as you can also receive your renewed registration through the mail. So, keep your address updated every time you shift.

How can we get in touch with DMVNow’s customer support?

You can dial (804) 497-7100 when you need. Or visit the official website.

How can we get our registration renewed?

There are three ways in which you can easily get your registration renewed starting from:

  • On your mail
  • By visiting the portal
  • By visiting the DMVNow Customer Service Center yourself.


You can log in to your official account on DMVNow’s official portal and renew your vehicle registration. Moreover, you may also get this process done just by mail. But make sure that the renewal notice contains all the required information. 

The platform users can get the benefits of services up to a large extent, make new accounts, and make changes to their address, license, ID, etc. The best feature is that you don’t have to spend a single penny on DMNVNow. So, visit the website as soon as possible and take advantage.