DMVNow is one of the best portals for users, which provides a variety of services to all its users. You can create a new account by just entering your basic details. You can change your address, or a license, ID, title, or registration can also be ordered online. 

How To Register to DMNVnow


You can easily register yourself on DMVNow’s official website. 

The users can access the platform anytime; it is very easy to use. 

To avail of the services of DMVNow, you can follow the steps given below in the correct sequence:

  • First, you will have to visit the portal of DMVNow 
  • After opening the portal on any of your preferred browsers, click the Create Account option at the top of the web page.
  • Now fill in all the details asked in the required fields for registration.
  • And finally, you can log in to the account after you finish the registration process.

After registering on DMVNow’s official portal, you can check out the services provided by the platform. But before that, you will have to perform the login activity:

  • Start by visiting the official website of DMVNow.
  • After the homepage appears on your screen, tap on the Login button that is visible there to get access to the official login portal.
  • Next, type your driver’s license or Social Security Number in the customer identifier field.
  • Now, fill in your birth date in the column and tap the continue button to continue with the login process.
  • After completing this process, you can easily access the online services, schedule appointments, and do other things.

Benefits of Using DMVNow

Using the official portal of DMVNow, users can get access to several facilities and also get many advantages listed below:

1-Get the traffic and transportation tax laws.

With DMVNow’s online portal, you can get yourself registered with the agency and avail the benefits of the traffic and transportation tax laws enforced by the laws.

2-No appointment fee

There is no appointment fee charged to the users of DMVNow. So, quickly log in with your registered vehicle now.

3-200 unique license

There are over 200 unique license plate designs that you can get for yourself. These are customized online, and you can easily see whether they are available.


Why do we require passwords on the DMVNow portal?

Passwords are required to maintain your privacy; no one can access your vehicle’s details without your permission. So, keep your password safe and secure.

Through how many ways can we get our registration renewed?

There are three ways through ways with which we can get our registration renewed. You can get this done by :

  • Your email id
  • By dialling customer support
  • And do it in person.

How can I check the availability for my appointment?

You can schedule yourself on the official website. The schedule of appointments gets updated every hour. And you might get an appointment earlier on the calendar due to some cancellations. If there’s no slot available, then they might be booked. 


With DMVNow, you can access the services virtually, as it is responsible for registering vehicles and issuing licenses. So, log in to the official website now. Also, DMVNow’s online platform allows you to easily renew your registration, license, and identification and surrender licenses you might not require anymore. So, log in to the official website as soon as possible.