Can I use another email address to register on DMVNow rather than the one I provided earlier on the website?

Unfortunately, you can’t use any other email id except the one you registered with. This is because DMVNow manages only one email address for a single customer. DMVNow further uses your email to give you daily reminders despite any email id you have given previously.

What can be done to get a reminder for my registration renewal?

You can also get an electronic reminder via email, message, paper reminders, or your vehicle records and stay updated. Also, remember that you may not receive a paper remainder in case your vehicle’s registration expires within 75 days.

What essentials do I need to be eligible on DMVNow’s portal?

You can be eligible on the portal of DMVNow until the details of the vehicle you are uploading on the website are registered in more than one person’s name. It is a precondition that you must be the primary singer (more than one person shouldn’t be registered for the vehicle). And do remember that you will only receive a reminder if your registration is renewed.

What will be the outcome of my transaction on DMVNow’s portal?

Once you complete your payment on DMVNow’s portal, you will receive a registration card and a sticker. You will also get a PNO acknowledgment, a record, or a printed receipt. 

What are the best products that I can get on DMVnow?

You can get the most well-known and best products of DMVNow, including driver, vehicle, and vehicle IDs. So, you can visit the official website for the same. Once you have completed 40 transactions on DMVNow, you can learn in detail to apply for a TRUE ID. 

How can I renew my DMVNow Virginia Registration with the help of mail?

To renew your DMVNow’s Virginia Registration via email, you will have to follow the given steps:

  • Firstly, note that the renewal notice you have earlier has all the required information.
  • Get done with an emission test if it is required.
  • Keep a note of your notice if there is a change in your address. And in case you need any correct information. (for instance, if there is any mistake in your name or vehicle’s details.), you can contact DMVNow at (804) 497-7100.
  • Write a check or money order to the DMVNow Virginia to renew your license.
  • You must also mail all your documents and payments to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, P.O. Box 27412, Richmond, VA 23269.
  • And in case you don’t receive your renewal material after 15 days, immediately contact DMVNow’s Customer Service Center.

Where to access the services of DMVNow’s services?

You can simply visit the official website and start accessing the functions of the website. It is both time-saving and saves money if you use it online. Also, with this, there’s no additional cost that you will have to pay. The website is made so that it remains accessible for users to get all information in time.  

What is the service provided by the customer services of DMVNow’s portal? 

The services provided by the customer services center also include services of automotive service centers and construction services. Also, the construction and renovation of buildings come under the department of Urbanism and Construction.