DMVNow, DMV Mobile Offices, and DMV 2 Go are all accessed by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to get your hands on the agency’s website, scales, and call centers which are operated using DMVNow.

Features of DMVNow


DMVNow provides its services all over the nation. Through the nationwide services, you can get additional products and services in collaboration with all the other agencies. In some of the selected places, E-ZPass transponders are also founded.

The DMVNow portal is widely accessed and provides several beneficial services to its consumers. Some of its features are also given below: 

1-Get all your records from DMVNow’s Customer Service Center.

From DMVNow’s Customer Service Center, you can get all the verified copies of Virginia life records, such as:

  • Birth certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Hunting and fishing license. 

2-Complete your transactions conveniently 

DMVNow’s portal is best for those who want to register their vehicles, or they can practice the other way through email to get done with all the transactions.

3-Providing surplus customer service

The employees of DMVNow are very qualified, and the community has been increasing every moment. The representatives of DMVNow can issue licenses and IDs and maintain the records.


Can I get personalized service on DMVNow’s portal?

Suppose you need personalized service for transactions like REAL Id-complaint driver’s licenses and identity cards. In that case, you must schedule an appointment on the official website and ensure that the nominations should be done in the beneficiary’s name.

Can we work at DMVNow as an official?

Yes, absolutely; there are many opportunities for you if you want to acquire a job at DMV. It won’t matter what field you belong to or whatever you do. You may play a crucial role in making DMVNow the most trustable service provider in Virginia and becoming a member of the most evolving and advanced agency. Also, DMVNow is one of the easiest sites to be used.

Does DMVNow follow any of the health standards?

Yes, DMVNow considers its employees’ and clients’ health and safety its utmost priority. They follow all the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guides and the Virginia Department of Health. So, if you are still not vaccinated fully and are probably five years old, do take care to wear a mask. ( You must take off your face shield in front of a DMV representative while they are taking your photo for a license or ID). 

Is there any kind of appointment fee charged on DMVNow?

No, there isn’t any kind of appointment fees that you need to pay on DMVNow. While booking your appointment, do it directly from the official website. If you use any third-party website, there would be no guarantee of appointment times. The appointment slot will be visible on the calendar for three months at a particular time.


The official portal of DMVNow is handy and one of the best service providers for the people of Virginia. Its user-friendly interface is designed for users nationwide. You can get information about your registered vehicles and many more by logging in. So visit the official website now and get your registration renewed in various ways.